Enterprising toes create imaginary separators in loose grainy soil. Discuss these and more in our Rate This! forum.

The colonies burn with turmoil, this time of a far more human flavor.

The new release date for Ivory Edition has been revealed!  It will go live on March 24, so begin preparations to shred your proxies.  In addition, a change has been made in packaging, so I bring to you the (Ivory Legal!) Ancestral Tin of the Lion Clan.

It was my grandfather's before it was mine.

Merry Christmas, folks.  May your ancestors fill your stockings with honor and duty.

Suddenly, more Lions.Ancestral Armor of the Lion - ExperiencedIs this the big sis or the little sis?The little one, now Ivory pricedMORE ancestors!... and more need for ancestors!Pew!Remember this card?DIE, weenie followers!

It is time once again for the Lion to show off their guns. Did you bring your tickets?

Head Beatstick.Hmm... you look familiar...I guess some people don't like the front line...Holy crap!  How many souls does Gohei have?!  Where does he store them?  Perhaps in a jar?Oh, that's where Gohei's spare souls go...THE GOATEE RETURNS.AND SO DOES THE SUN.Is this one Tom Cruise?Just kidding.  Nobody watched that movie.

The threat of Pan’ku is ended, yet Rokugan’s peace is ever a shaky one.  Experience the next step in the empire’s history in Aftermath, the new set for Emperor and Ivory edition, and discuss the Lion previews in our Rate This forum.

My friends, I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news: Issues with the old databases prevented them from cleanly updating and they just aren’t compatible with the updated versions of the software.  Repairing the problems proved a herculean task, demanding great time and expertise that was simply not available.

The good news:  With tremendous help from Ikoma Ken, a fresh board has been set up.  In time, it will shift closer to the forms we remember (but probably without that intensely…  vibrant…  default theme) as bells and whistles are restored.  Registration has been streamlined.

The original forums are now set up as The Archives for a time so that old information can be referenced and copied as needed.  The no-frills forums are now set up under The Swift Sword up top.  There is still much work to do, so please bear with us in coming weeks.

Regular visitors may have noticed a few errors preventing posting on the Swift Sword forums in the last few days.  Unfortunately, updates on the far end of the forums have unearthed compatibility issues with the near end.  We’re working on the problem, but the timing for this is perhaps as poor as it could be and the issue appears to be a number of needles across a field of haystacks, so a few options are under discussion for how to handle the repairs and/or renovations.

Please bear with us during this process.

I present the Lion Clan previews from the upcoming dual-bugged expansion, Gates of Chaos!  Discuss them in our Rate This! forum.

 photo AkodoDairukoXPSmall.jpg photo AkodoKaminaXPSmall.jpg photo AkodoNojimaSmall.jpg photo IkomaJeikuSmall.jpg photo RecoveringWhatWasLostSmall.jpg photo AWelcomeReprieveSmall.jpg photo ADoomseekersTombSmall.jpg photo MyAncestorsSteedSmall.jpg

I present the Lion Clan previews from Coils of Madness.  Discuss them on the Rate This forum!

 photo IkomaAimiXP.jpg photo IkomaNatsuXP.jpg photo MoritoInoue.jpg photo Jikoji.jpg photo IkomaAyumi.jpg photo StrengthoftheDivine.jpg photo e3278827-c5c7-4b04-ae5d-3d53ec4fa027.jpg

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The Sixth Ring
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